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About Us.

A group of highly trained professionals and humanitarians from IT industry are now in the field of cattle rearing, The approach towards this establishment is that of education… former employees of IT giants like Infosys, NIIT Technologies, Wipro, Aricent Technolgies and Cognizant in Delhi NCR and Pune, quit their jobs and formed an association with the aim of creating a generation of future quality farmers… They chose to become entrepreneurs with a social motive and cause to help local farmers to stand tall and survive in the world of cut throat competition with their own entity, and set up a Farm named “Al-Habib” in Utraon a village in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Al Habib Farms is your one stop destination for naturally bred and farm fed animals and agricultural products.

There is a dedicated veterinary team which monitors and tracks healths of our livestock .. At Al Habib we work on the guide lines of the Best Practices as prescribed by the ISO standards. We bred some of the best breeds from across India and are in the process of up gradation and conservation of indigenous breeds. We believe and adopt the natural fodder program and with this aim we have strategically placed our station in a healthy environment of Utter Pradesh Considering the fact that the demand cannot be met unless we establish a concrete plan for farming and agricultural activities in the present, we have established Al Habib Farms. We will serve the masses by becoming trusted producer and supplier for hotels, NGO’s working for world food program and partner the government in alleviating malnutrition and providing food to all. Mr. Syed Waquar, a visionary and one of the pioneers of Al Habib Farms, considers it as a beacon of sustainable future.

Al Habib farms is a home for naturally bred and grown farm animals and agricultural products. Located in the beautiful Village of Uttraon, Allahabad region the land of the great Ganga, the pure and unpolluted rain and fertile fields combine to create lush green pastures that are perfect for dairy grazing. Using traditional, handcrafted techniques in conjunction with environment friendly technology, Allahabad, not only covers the greatest and most fertile land, but also hosts one of our great landmarks… the Ganga’s River region. Ganga River is around 30 minutes drive from Utraon and is renowned for its fertile land, dairy friendly environment and purity of air and this region is source of some of the finest dairy products within India and that is why Al-Habib is housed at Uttraon. Our animals are bred and grown with special care with proper veterinary facilities.