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Health Care

Al-Habib is a stern believer that animals depend on humans to care for them. Al-Habib family provides food, water, shelter, veterinary care and a safe and comfortable environment with a human touch to all its animals. All our animals are well cared. Al-Habib earns their living by raising animals, so it makes good sense to look after them in the best way possible.

We believe that building blocks of good animal care provided by us are: 1. Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition. 2. Freedom from discomfort. 3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease. 4. Freedom to express normal behavior. 5. Freedom from fear and distress. We literally provide a HOME to our animals and treat them like kids.

We have a unique style to take care of our Animals health, under our farm health management plan we plant herbal pasture grass according to whether to feed our goats and cattle. Al-Habib plant feed in its farm land that will medicate its livestock naturally, give them a daily tonic, as well as keep internal parasites and worms down, so we can easily claim that our milk and the breed are SIMPLY THE BEST.