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Goat Farm.

Goat has been described as a poor man’s cow (or mini-cow) because of its immense contribution to the poor man’s economy. Al-Habib farms is a home for naturally bred and grown farm animals and agricultural products. At Al Habib Farms, the farming activity is in sync with the current scientific method without compromising on the natural factors. The animals are bred and grown with special care with proper veterinary facilities. The agricultural activities at Al-Habib Farms are carried out with precision and consistency by experienced farmers who have been serving the people since generations.

Al Habib Goat farm is located in village Utraon, Tehseel Handia, district Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. An area of approximately 2 Acres is dedicated for the rearing of goats. A total of 10 staff member, 2 managers, one veterinary Doctor work day in and day out to keep the goats healthy and fit for consumption and reproduction. Simultaneously, they also ensure that the farm place remains clean and green.