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Sojat Goats are found in Rajasthan. Famous for white color and good height and health.

Sojat goat is cross breed of Jamunapari goats from Uttar Pradesh. The characteristic of goat is White in color, without horn and pink skin. The breed is very well suitable for Stall Feed Goat Farming In India.

Famous for Eid Goats in India, people like Sojat Goats for Bakri Eid Festival.

Sojat Goats are highly demandable, but due rearing in very small area of Rajasthan the goats is very costly.


The breed is used mainly for meat purpose in India. The milk yield is relatively small, about 0.5 kg per day, with an average milk yield of 65 kg over a 120 day lactation period.


Usually doe kids twice in 12 to 14 months, giving birth to single in 40% while twins in 60% cases.

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