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The Barbari goat is a dwarf meat goat breed that is found in Uttar Pradesh,[1] as well as Gujarat in India and Jhelum and Sargodha districts in Punjab Province, Pakistan.


The Barbari goat is a dual purpose breed and well adapted for Indian conditions. It is seasonal breeder and is used for intensive farming.


The Barbari goat is one of 20 classified breeds in India and is most commonly found in the north-western arid and semi-arid regions. [2] It basically originated in Berbera, Somalia of east Africa. In India its breeding tract is Agra, Etah and Etawah


Breed characteristics are unique: medium size with a compact body; alert & attractive; bulging eyes; short,erect ears; short, straight horns, (with curly horns expressed occasionally); well set udder with conical teats; adapted to stall feed.[3] Their meat conformation is considered good.Triple kidding and early maturity are common features of these goats. [4] They are a small size and their color is white creamy to golden. Spotted animals also come across.

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