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Fishery at Alhabib Farms is one of the rooted cultivation which is been carried out in large sized Natural pond of 50000 sq yard Area with latest and scientific Aquaculture science and mehods.

We provide best quality of variety of fishes like Catla, Rohu, mrigal, singhada, Mangur which are been grown in hygenic & healthy manner.

Aquaculture in India has evolved as a viable commercial farming practice for vilagers from the level of traditionally backyard activity over last three decades with considerable diversification in terms of species and systems, and has been showing an impressive annual growth rate of 6-7 percent. While the carp-based freshwater aquaculture, mainly constituted by the Indian major carps, such as, catla, rohu and mrigal, has been contributing over 90 percent of the aquaculture production satisfying all domestic as well as exporting need.