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Al-Habib farms is a home for naturally bred and grown farm animals and agricultural products.At Al Habib Farms,... Learn more »
Al-Habib is a stern believer that animals depend on humans to care for them. Al-Habib family provides food, water, shelter, veterinary care and a safe and comfortable environment with a human touch to all its animals . .. Learn more »
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Fishery at Alhabib Farms is one of the rooted cultivation which is been carried out in large sized Natural pond of 50000 sq yard Area with latest and scientific Aquaculture science and mehods .We provide best quality of .... Learn more »
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  • Selling variety of Goat Breeds eg Sirohi , Sojat , Jamuna Pari , Barbari , Black Bengal
  • Selling and exporting Spices ,Dryfruits and Gulkund
  • Setting up Goat Farms
  • Infrastructure Setup for Living of Goats & Bucks and their Kids
  • Health and Care of Goats
  • Breeding of High Quality Goats